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Water Systems by Global Energy

One of the best green energy experts in The Gambia
15 years of expertise in solar water systems

The Best Solar Water Systems in Gambia

Global Energy is pleased to be at the forefront of the developments of solar water technology in The Gambia. Today, after more than 15 years as Gambia’s green energy experts, we’re set to turn our professional past into an even brighter future.

Solar Water Systems for All Needs

Since day one our solar company was born, we’ve decided that the sun was the best energy source for bore holes in Africa. As a result, our solar water systems in Gambia were born and Global Energy geared up for expansion. Since then we’ve built a reputation as a country leader in solar innovation and technology.

Tailor Made Solar Water Systems

We offer an integrated approach to development, operating and construction of our solar water systems. Our regionally based teams all bring world-class experience and expertise to our clients.

Join Us in the Century of Green Power

A solar water heating system is the most energy efficient device, eliminating the need for electricity, saving up to 100%. This is the century of green power. Therefore we are at the forefront of clean energy resources.

Our Solar Water Systems

Through our years of experience it’s our philosophy that solar water systems must meet high standards, especially in tropical conditions like the Gambia. Therefore we work only with first class quality solar equipment from like Victron and Grundfos. Valued as our first choice if it comes to long lifespan and reliable solar power equipment.

Solar Water Panels

With 25 year warranty the Victron Blue Solar Panels are first choice if it comes to quality. Exceptional low-light performance and high sensitivity to light across the entire solar spectrum. High performance bypass diodes minimize the power drop caused by shade. The sealed, waterproof, multi-functional junction box gives high level of safety. Victron Solar Panels guarantees the highest quality and transmission

Solar Water Pumps

Grundfos Solar Water Pumps deliver unmatched flexibility for reliable water supply with no ongoing energy costs. From low-flow to large scale solar-powered water supply, Grundfos has highly optimized water pump solutions for solar water heating systems that matches any application for communities in developing countries. This company from Denmark is worldwide known for outstanding high quality products.

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